Sustainability - Green energy

Solar energy is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth. That's the reason we engaged in tireless development of green energy products and why we try our best to make our products green.

Introducing Solar Powered Hanging Scale

Solar power, the most abundant energy on earth. Charder believe clean energy can help us contribute to the next hundred years of the environment. We engaged in green energy product research and development for years. Now, we are introducing solar powered hanging scale H-110 to the world.

Charder Electronic Co, Ltd.

Limitless electricity

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it won’t run out anytime soon. You can use solar powered hanging scale in house with interior lighting minimum 400 lux. It won't require any battery replacement.

Charder Electronic Co, Ltd.

High accuracy

Solar powered hanging scale has 15 kg / 30 lb capacity and 10 g / 0.02 lb graduation. It doesn't compromise on the accuracy and quality because of less energy consumption. It is metrological class III approved device.

Charder Electronic Co, Ltd.

Low operating costs

The optimal solar panel transforms light into electricity doesn’t require any battery and has no additional costs. The large 1-inch-high LCD readouts and digital measurement maximize your efficiency, make the operating costs even lower.

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