Charder Electronic Co, Ltd.

Manufacturing Capabilities


A wide array of manufacturing and production services.

Charder’s competitive advantage is our ability to develop your product from concept to delivery. We can design and produce prototypes, run small quantities with soft-tooled processes, and migrate to hard tooling as quantities increase. Clients can choose the most suitable stage for entry and exit within our Full Service Approach.

Over 30 years of experience

Charder’s years of experience in producing measuring devices has given us the tools to provide professional and technical assistance to clients, creating ideal OEM/ODM partnership opportunities.

Supply Chain network optimization

We’ve optimized our supply chain network to provide complete upstream and downstream integration solutions, helping clients to minimize logistical costs and time.



Flexible product production process

Devoted to the manufacture of measurement and health management products, Charder offers a diverse variety of sensor designs and strain gauge applications. Using advanced production testing machines, automatic calibration and verification is used throughout the process to ensure product quality and accuracy.

Diverse product applications

Charder has experience in developing components for a number of industries. We work closely with customers from various industries to develop new smart applications for existing and nascent technology.

Project management system

Protecting our client’s intellectual property is an utmost priority. Charder has created a rigorous management system and protocol to protect each exclusive design, utilizing a product development process that enables us to meet client’s project goals.

Design Capabilities

Charder Electronic Co, Ltd.

Charder is capable of providing customized sensor and manufacturing solutions to meet client demands.

With a robust series of production protocols, clients can simply check specifications to ensure that products will meet application requirements. Using this system, designs can be produced efficiently with as much or as little modification as needed.

Plastic Injection

Charder Electronic Co, Ltd.

To provide “Proof of Concept” efficiently and effectively, Charder has invested in high-end plastic injection molding machines, allowing us to manufacture customized components in the shortest possible time, giving clients production-ready samples and flexible quantity options in the sample preparation stage, capable of scaling up to full production capacity as needed.

Metal fabrication

Charder’s production facilities allow for the production of metal parts using simple to complex die castings. We prioritize client needs during the metal fabrication process, from mold design, pilot run, to sample confirmation.

Laser Cutting

For parts requiring intricate contours and efficient utilization of time and material, our Laser Cutting systems are a must.


High-quality stamping capabilities offer excellent precision and uniformity of parts in production. From blanking, piercing, forming, and drawing, Charder utilizes both standard and progressive tooling combined with compound dies for best effect.


Our weld shop specializes both in MIG and TIG welding, as well as spot welding, brazing and copper welding.

Tools and Dies

Our tooling capabilities include temporaries, compounds, progressives and in-house hard tooling.

Circuit and electronics parts design

Charder’s professional team of Product Development and Computer-Aided Manufacturing engineers can quickly and accurately design and produce the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) according to client needs.

We offer a variety of single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer high quality PCBs, all manufactured under our rigorous quality control systems.

One-stop service

Charder offers a comprehensive one-stop service from concept to product

We manufacture and supply clients with high-precision measurement devices according to complex specifications. Our integrated business model allows us to offer comprehensive one-stop solutions, providing a complete process from concept to mass production.

Charder offers a comprehensive one-stop service from concept to product